10 Good Reasons To Add 2-in-1 Double Shower Head To Your Bathroom

The shower is a necessity in the bathroom. It makes bathing relaxing because of the rainfall experience. Double shower heads comprise two shower heads –

  • Fixed shower head
  • Hand-held shower unit

It is a 2-in-1 setup that allows people to have a personalized shower experience depending on mood – change between the hand-held and fixed head.

Declinko is a leading bathroom product retailer in Australia. You get an array of toilets, taps, baths, and showers from top brands. Some good reasons to in a dual shower head for your bathroom.

1. Spa-like experience

Undoubtedly, a double shower will allow you to enjoy a spa-like experience at home. Fix showerhead offers a soaking and soothing full-body cascade, while the hand-held unit offers powerful and refreshing spray to target and massage specific body parts.

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2. Awesome flexibility 

Each showerhead is designed for different purposes, so adds flexibility while showering. The shower experience can be tailored to suit your needs. Each shower has a distinct spray setting feature. Set each shower to offer a different spray, while hand-held is a great option when you don’t desire to get hair wet.

3. Add bold statement

Homeowners can add a statement in their bathroom with double showers installed. Choose double showers in bold finishes like aged bronze and brushed brass to add the WOW factor.

4. Elevate the space

Bathrooms have become a sanctuary, so are expected to be equipped better in terms of luxury and standard features. Many homeowners create space that sparks pleasure rather than being exclusively functional. They request double shower heads and classic double basins or consider blending a walk-in-shower enclosure with a dual shower.

5. Shows personality

Today, everything is about personalization including bathrooms. People desire a personalized space. One spouse prefers rain cascade, while the other favors directional shower. A double shower head works ideally for the couple.

6. Timeless yet classic

2-in-1 shower heads are trendy today but it does not mean they are less timeless. It allows paying deference to the classic bathroom design oozing with 1920s allure when paired with bold patterned tiles. To make it look historical use brass fixtures that are evergreen in style.

7. Ultimate time saving

Every busy couple has experienced the daily morning rush towards the bathroom before their partner. A double shower head means both can enjoy a bath simultaneously and get ready for work. Timesaving has increased interest in double showers installation.

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8. Ease of use

With a single shower overhead, you had trouble showering unreachable body parts. With adjustable shower heads, you can focus the spray on specific body parts. It saves you from a gymnastic performance of reaching your body’s every nook and crannies.

9. Great for disabled people

Disabled people have trouble showering properly under a single shower head. It is because they have mobility issues making showering a vexing process. The double showerheads make it easy for disabled people to use.

10. Extra practicality

Extra practicality is not a glamorous benefit but makes your bathroom cleaning easy. The hand-held shower unit makes cleaning the shower enclosure or bathroom easy and quick. For shower, cleaning use one shower head to scrub the other. How can you know best online technorati website, and more segfault great website.

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