4 critical features of DeWalt work trousers

Dietary experts tell us that we are what we eat, but here’s a novel idea for the hardest-working Britons: you are what you wear.  And no, we’re not talking about fashion – although the best work wear is stylish.  What we are talking about is the fact that when you want your workers to be happy, protected and productive on tough and messy work sites, the perfect work wear isn’t just practical and full of the appropriate safety features, but also comfortable, durable, simple and innovative.  And for the hardest-working legs, DeWalt work trousers tick just about every imaginable box.

You’d think it wouldn’t be too hard to pick out a pair of suitable work trousers – but you’d be wrong.  In a cluttered and competitive market, you’ll find a lot of brands, varieties and extravagant features – but a lot of it is just spin.  At the end of the day, work trousers just need to fit, last, feel good, look good and perform.  But what about those extravagant features?  With DeWalt work trousers, it’s not just spin:

1. Cordura

Cor-what?  You don’t need to browse the range of DeWalt work trousers for long before you’ll find this keyword – but it’s well worth not skipping over.  For those in the industry know, it’s the lightweight fabric of choice for durability – so much so that it’s a feature of the hardest-working combat military and motorcycle gear livechatvalue.  Famous for abrasion resistance, it’ll be found in those trousers’ holsters, pockets, hems and elsewhere.

2. Triple stitching

Stitched, stitched and – yes – stitched again.  Some work trousers may look the part, but without the reinforced triple stitching – a feature of the standout DeWalt work trousers – those pants’ stress points won’t go the distance.

3. Pro-stretch

DeWalt calls it pro-stretch, and it’s perhaps the key reason why so many workers gravitate to these work trousers over all others.  The company opted for this premium and breathable cotton elastane not just because the way the material stretches four ways like spandex – both directions, crosswise and lengthwise – is more comfortable, but it allows for much more attractive styles and designs.  In fact, because DeWalt trousers are more modern, stylish and slimmer than the competitors, plenty of workers wear them when they’re not at work, celebrities net worth too.

4. Lightweight

Traditionally, those working hardest on tough worksites required work trousers that keep them safe from cuts, burns, scrapes and chemicals – requiring them to be rather hefty.  Work trousers tipping the scales at 17+ oz (500g) were not unheard of, but it’s innovative brands like DeWalt that started driving down those ounces not only with next-generation lightweight-but-tough fabrics, but critical features like tough-but-strong rivets, zips and bars.

Are you ready to choose the perfect workwear for your workers, site or daily tasks?  There’s a lot to think about, including the required and desired durability, fit, style, fabric, protective and practical features and relevant standards and laws, so don’t be afraid to ask for some experienced guidance.