Epilepsy – What You Need to Know

In addition to its physical manifestations, epilepsy can affect people’s social lives. It is a common reason for annulling marriages or prohibiting access to public buildings. In the United Kingdom, laws regarding marriages and annulments were not amended until the 1970s, and in the United States, it was not allowed to have an abortion if the person had epilepsy. It is important to get the right treatment as soon as possible if you suffer from epilepsy.

The first step in diagnosing epilepsy is obtaining a medical history. This will allow your physician to choose which tests to run. In addition to neurological examinations, your doctor will order blood tests to determine the chemistry of your blood and check for any other illnesses that might be causing seizures. These tests can help your medicul determine the cause of your symptoms and help manage your condition. In some cases, medications may be needed, depending on the type of epilepsy you have

Final Opinion

The causes of epilepsy vary, and about half of all cases are undiagnosed. In children, a brain defect can cause seizures, or a brain injury can lead to seizures. In young adults, the most common known cause is a severe head injury. In middle-aged and older adults, the most common cause is a stroke. In older adults, the most common cause is aging. In older patients, epilepsy may be caused by degenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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