How to Increase Your HRV With a Heart Rate Variability Chart

The goal of a heart rate variability chart is to track training progress and determine if the body needs rest or another hard workout session. Low HRV after a workout is often a sign that a person needs some rest and recovery. Increased HRV can indicate that a person is in good physical shape and ready for another challenging session. Listed below are some of the ways that you can increase your HRV. Read the full article to learn more.

Heart rate variability is the measurement of a person’s physiological state. High HRV numbers indicate a relaxed and healthy state, while low HRV means you need rest. The chart can be downloaded from the Polar website. Once you’ve printed out a copy, you can check the results in the app. In addition to checking HRV, you can also find out your age by checking the graphs online. A high HRV number is a good sign of a healthy heart.

Last Line

Heart rate variability is a metric that measures the difference between a heartbeat and another one. It is measured in milliseconds. Hence, 60 beats per minute is not equivalent to one heartbeat every second. However, a higher HRV number indicates that you’re in a relaxed state. The higher the number, the better. If you want to know more about your HRV, go to the Polar website and download the app.

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