Is Fondmart Safe and Legitimate?

As a global wholesaler of activewear, is Fondmart Safe and Legitimate? Is this online store worth buying? Read on to find out! The company is highly rated by its customers and boasts of high-quality activewear and strong customer service. It also takes after-sales risk seriously. Here’s my review of Fondmart. It’s a global wholesaler of activewear, with a great reputation for quality activewear.

Fondmart is a global wholesaler

A global wholesaler like FondMart can offer a variety of different services to a business owner. Many of them include drop shipping, private label services, and wholesale plus size clothing fulfillment. These services can be used in conjunction with a Shopify store and do not require a monthly fee. With the right support, FondMart can help you build a successful online business. You’ll be able to sell a wide variety of products and services at competitive prices.

Another benefit of using a global wholesaler like Fondmart is that you won’t have to pay a monthly membership fee. The only costs you’ll have to pay are product prices and shipping. You can also add your brand logo to your packages and invoices. However, the selection of products is limited – they mostly offer generic clothing.

It offers high-quality activewear

Activewear for women can be fashionable and functional, and the company at Fondmart has plenty to offer. The faux leather leggings go well with a cropped tank, while the Booty Boost leggings help lift your rear end. You can also choose from seamless thongs or breathable, perforated tank tops. All of these pieces are environmentally friendly, and they are available in various styles and colors.

While many clothing wholesale websites are geared Toto warden and women’s athletic wear, FondMart has launched an entire line of activewear for women. FP Movement is a brand new activewear line from FondMart that maintains the trendy aesthetic while adding a unique flavor to workout apparel. The designs are functional and fashionable, and at the same time affordable. The brand also offers petite and tall sizes to meet the needs of its customers.

It has a good customer service

The best way to determine whether FondMart has good customer support is to look at how the company’s product quality varies across the various regions. Fortunately, the company offers a 60-day cycle for updating the quality of suppliers. Whether it’s an online product or a brick-and-mortar store, FondMart will assess the product based on style and fit using computer vision technology. However, if you’re still unsure, you can always turn to human representatives for assistance.

The merchandise team at FondMart is extremely helpful. This team works with buyers to create the right mix of products to suit the needs of their customers. In addition to a powerful database of over 200,000 products, the company has an experienced staff of merchandise specialists that can help buyers decide on the best products for their needs. This allows buyers to focus on the most important tasks.

It takes the aafter-sales risk

The Commission-free business model encourages buyers to use a trusted platform, but it also reduces after-sales risk. To protect buyers, FondMart conducts its quality inspections of suppliers’ products and services. The platform re-examines the entire transaction in case a buyer makes a claim. The process includes the investigation of the claim, settlement, and re-examination of all aspects of the transaction.


When selecting a supplier, FondMart uses its user on technology to analyze style and appearance, and then updates its quality rating based on customer feedback. Because different customers have different demands, the system offers personalized assistance for each product’s appearance. It also has a 45-day return policy. The business model combines a global supply chain with free shipping. However, the service is not for everyone. For example, some drop shippers may not be comfortable with the lengthy shipping time, and the high cost of shipping.

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