The Real Cristiano Ronaldo Lifestyle

There are many myths and misconceptions about Ronaldo’s lifestyle, but one common myth is that he is a night owl. In fact, the Portuguese star does not sleep eight hours a day. In fact, he takes at least five 90-minute naps throughout the day. The Portugal international is known to be an incredibly disciplined fitness athlete, and his workout regime is highly structured. The renowned footballer also prioritizes his sleep, sleeping seven to eight hours a night. This is a typical example of a balanced, healthy diet.

During his childhood, Cristiano Ronaldo often acted naughty, pretending to cry in front of his parents, and stealing their toys and clothes. His older siblings were quick to take the blame for his misdemeanors, but he was unaffected by this. His goal was to be successful in his own way. He even had a superyacht in Greece that cost $200,000 a week.

Ending Line

Aside from his healthy lifestyle, Ronaldo is also a true fan of sports nutrition. His goal is to reduce body fat to under 6% and stay as fit as possible. His diet consists of 6 smaller meals a day, spread out every two to four hours. He also supplements his meals with protein, which is essential for muscle repair and regeneration. His goal is to be the fittest man in the world. However, this isn’t realistic for the average person.

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