The Ultimate Types of Keys Checklist

Locksmiths can do a lot of things, including making copies of keys. But if you need a new key, its best and most reliable to get help from a locksmith instead of going to a hardware store and having a worker cut you a key right in front of you. The main reason for this is that they probably haven’t been trained as much as a skilled locksmith to make copies of keys. 

A locksmith is needed more than ever because criminals have caught up with the technology of different locks and how to break into them. So, if you want to work with a locksmith, you need to know a little bit about how some traditional key types work. Most home locks use keys with two or four sets of teeth and two or four sides. These keys are strong and hard to pick. Aside from that, the tubular keys are often found on vending machines and some bikes. The skeleton key is one of the most well-known keys. It can be used to open any lock of a certain type, no matter what.

Pad Lack Keys:

The Professionals who make keys know everything there is to know about padlocks that use keys. But it’s also important to know that some padlocks are made so that you can never get a new key for them. So, if you don’t know if your padlock key can be copied or not, you should ask your locksmith what kind of lock you have.

How to Use Padlock Keys in Real Life?

If you need to lock up something small, like a bike or a locker, you should find a key expert who can make you a copy of a padlock key.

Transponder Keys:

Professionals who make keys can make a transponder replacement key even without the old key. They find the key code for your transceiver to make this key. Once they find the code, match it to a blank key and copy it to start your vehicle.

How do Transponder Keys Work in Real Life?

Transponder Keys will save you if you don’t know how to get into your car, especially if it was made after 1995. If you lose your car, it is hard to get another one.

Valet Keys:

People often ask what makes Valet Keys different from regular car keys. But this option should be thought of as a “bare bones” type of replacement key. Locksmiths make this type of key to do basic things, like open doors and turn the ignition, but it can’t open trunks or glove boxes. A Valet doesn’t get to spend much time in the car itself, and they usually don’t need to get into these areas unless they are up to something bad.

Using Valet Keys in the Real World:

Restaurant owners and other places that need Valet Keys should have a professional key maker look into this option if they need more than one key to do the same thing.

Keys Cut Mechanically:

Today, almost every car on the road has a unique set of ridges and grooves that make it easy to drive. This car key only fits in the ignition one way because it has cuts on one side. So, if you turn the Mechanically Cut Car Keys upside down, they won’t work right.

How Mechanically Cut Car Keys Work in Real Life?

If you don’t need all the features of a laser-cut or transponder key, you can ask a professional key maker to make a copy of a mechanically cut key. But these types of keys aren’t foolproof or very reliable, and older cars often use them.