Unusual sports

We all know famous sports such as football, basketball, tennis, and others. But in this article, we will talk about unusual sports that are unknown outside of their countries. I wonder which of them you are already familiar with?

Extreme ironing

According to the Bureau of Extreme Ironing, it is “the youngest and most dangerous sport that combines the thrill of outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-ironed shirt.” Extreme ironing originated in England, but these days it has become an international phenomenon, with competitions in the sport now taking place underwater, in the mountains, and even ibibo.club all over the world.

Cooperschild Cheese Race

This annual competition is held on the slope of Cooper’s Hill near the English city of Gloucester (Cooper’s Hill, Gloucester), from the top of which a head of traditional Gloucester cheese is rolled. The task of the participants is to catch up with the head, rolling down the mountain with it. Cheese during this race accelerates to a speed of 112.5 kilometers per hour, so there is no need to talk about a real pursuit of this bait. By and large, the winner is the one who first crossed the finish line, and the daredevil gets cheese as a reward.

Snow polo

This type of polo appeared in Switzerland in 1985, but today it can be found almost all over the world. In the US, snow polo is played exclusively in Aspen, Colorado. As you may have guessed, mostly wealthy people are fond of this sport because not everyone can afford a personal stallion for training.

Roller derby

Most common among women, this sport was forgotten for some time, but in the last 10 years, it has regained its former glory. The game involves 2 teams of skaters, and they all compete on one common racing track. One of the members of each team plays the role of a jammer, and the main task of this player is to overtake his rivals, who are trying to interfere with him in every possible way. It is not surprising that this sport is sometimes very aggressive and ideaplane.net.

Marathon of man against horse

Every year in June in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells, marathon runners line up to prove they can outrun a horse over a distance of 35 kilometers. How did it all start? In 1980, local pub owner Gordon Green was rumored to have overheard an argument between 2 customers trying to figure out if a human could overtake a horse over a long distance. Since then, athletes have been trying to test this for many years, and the first time a cyclist won this race was in 1989. Later, bicycles were banned, and according to the new rules, a person was able to overcome an animal only in 2004.

Fighting on cardboard tubes

According to the official statement of the Cardboard Tube Fighting League (yes, it’s real), this sport is based on 3 main principles: people need to have more fun and behave less seriously, events can be fun without alcohol, fights with cardboard swords – it is very funny.

Sports growing mustache

Compared to most of the other disciplines on this list, mustache training seems to be the safest and most relaxing activity. Just do not try to tell one of these mustaches that they are not real athletes.

Toe wrestling or foot wrestling

For this incredibly strange sport, you can thank the UK. If not for the British, the world would not have known about such great-toe wrestling champions as Paul “Tomatominator” Beech. According to the rules of etiquette, each player removes his shoes and socks from his opponent’s feet before the match imahima.info

Mountain monocyclism

As experienced hikers know, sometimes on mountain trails it can be difficult to stay on two legs, and even more so on one wheel. Not only is it about the incredible sense of balance of the athlete, unicycles are not yet equipped like mountain bikes, so handling these unicycles requires special maneuvering skills. Despite the oddity and complexity of this discipline, mountain unicycling has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in the US Midwest.

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