Why You Should Not Trust The Insurance Adjuster. 

As soon as you file a claim, the insurance company appoints an insurance adjuster who handles your claim. Unsurprisingly, insurance adjusters look incredibly kind and concerned about your injuries when speaking to them. Victims often fall for their excellent behavior, hoping that the insurance adjuster is helping them get maximum compensation. Unfortunately, the reality is far different from what it may look. 

These adjusters are trained company employees whose motive is to find loopholes in your claim and try to make you settle for less compensation. This is why you should avoid filing a claim individually and allow a personal injury lawyer Newburyport to handle it. 

The insurance adjuster will try to use your words against you after being kind. 

Mostly, the insurance adjuster will try to reach you when you are in a vulnerable state -emotionally and physically. They will appear very concerned about your injuries and ask you questions like, “how are you feeling.” Now, any person would reply with, “I’m feeling better” or “I’m doing okay.” But, these words will be used against you to say that you admitted to feeling better, meaning you are not severely injured. Therefore, you should be extremely careful with your words when speaking to them. 

The insurance adjuster will ask you to provide a recorded statement. 

Another tactic the insurance adjuster plays to lower your settlement value is asking for a recorded statement after your personal injury accident immediately. They do so before you even get a chance to consult your lawyer. Recorded statements can hurt your claim, as you will not get a second chance to speak things again. Moreover, one wrong sentence that slips from your tongue during a recorded statement will be recorded by the insurance company and used against you. 

However, you have the right to deny providing a recorded statement and opt for a written statement. When you go with a written statement, you will have better control over what you are saying, and you can analyze your words with the help of a lawyer in Newburyport. 

They will offer a settlement with a deadline. 

When the negotiation process starts, the insurance company will ask you to settle your claim within a deadline. This deadline is nothing but a way to scare you to accept the settlement quickly. However, you can take your time to review the settlement offer and see if it covers all the injuries and damages you incurred from the accident. 

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